Pilot of the Month- January 2024 Cambrie Foster (@flying.foster)

Pilot of the Month- January 2024 Cambrie Foster (@flying.foster)

We would like to Introduce you to Mach Coatings Pilot of the Month for January 2024. Cambrie Foster! An up and coming pIlot in aviation. We interviewed her at the end of December and asked her what it means for her to have the passion for aviation! Read it here or Watch the Video we put together at YouTube. 

Mach Coatings: So, first off, if you want to introduce yourself and share a little bit about your background in aviation, what inspired you to become a pilot? 

Cambrie: My name is Cambrie Foster, aka @flying.foster, on social media. I grew up around aviation. My dad is a glider CFI and my brother has this passion for aviation, which is awesome. But I always thought that it was kind of just for guys. Every aviation event went to as a family, I was the only girl there. I just didn't really think it was an option for me, really. And then a couple of years ago, I went to on a family trip to Italy, which was so amazing. I believe we're on the a 330. And I talked to the pilots. They told me that I should do aviation. They love their job and they wouldn't trade it for the world. So as soon as I got back, I booked a discovery flight. Fell in love with it, because of course it's aviation, everyone falls in love. And I got my private pilot when I was 17 and the rest is history. 

Mach Coatings:
 Talk a little bit about what training you've had to go through so far with your licensing. What different training have you done or are you looking to do in the future?  

Cambrie: So I started part 61 with my private pilot. I decided to go to an airport that was an hour away from my initial training. So it was super hard. I started in the time, so I was constantly dealing with the Utah weather. We had a horrible winter last year, so it was always snowing. It felt like I was never flying. It was hard, it was frustrating. And then I decided one day in June, I was just going to switch to the local airport by my house, still part 61. And I finished there in a few weeks, got my private pilot, and then I decided I wanted to switch part 141 so that I could qualify for restricted ATP at 1000 hours. And I was at USU. I love USU!
They have done so much for me, and I owe them a lot. But at the end of the day, I had an amazing opportunity back home. So now I'm back part 61. 

Mach Coatings: What licensing are you looking to go? Are you going full on commercial? 

Cambrie: Yeah. So I really want to be an airline pilot. I didn't realize how many options there were in aviation career wise. So I don't know. We'll see if I end up flying corporate or if I'm at the airlines. 

Mach Coatings: What's been your favorite part of the journey so far? 

Cambrie: Meeting people and just being part of the aviation community. Everyone is so giving, and everyone has just this passion for aviation. It's like our little aviation family. It's a small community, and everyone just wants to give back. I've not met a rude pilot yet. Hopefully it's all that way, but I just love the community. 

Mach Coatings: So what's your favorite place you've been so far?

Cambrie: Wendover Nevada, it's a small little airport border of Utah and Nevada. A lot of people fly there because there's no gambling in Utah. I'm not 21, so I can't gamble. But a lot of people will fly their planes over to wendover and go gamble and then fly. But I like it because it's on the salt flats, great history! So it's a fun little airport to go to. Say you flew to Nevada and just have a fun time, then fly back. 

Mach Coatings: So what's your favorite thing about being a pilot?

Cambrie: It's just so freeing. And I don't cry a lot. I'm super emotionally absent. But when I think about aviation. The other day, I was driving in my car, and I was like, I fly planes. That is so cool. And a little tear came out of my eye. It's just so unique, and I'm so grateful that I've been given the opportunity to fly planes. It's undescribable, the freedom, and not that many people fly planes. It's amazing. 

Mach Coatings: Okay, someone who sees this video or sees your content and says, I want to do that, what type of advice would you give that person? What type of advice would you give that person? 

Cambrie: Just start. Just start doing it. Because the more you think about it's not impossible, but it seems like a huge feat. And don't give up, because it is hard. It's the hardest thing. Getting my private was the hardest thing I've ever done, but it is so rewarding. So don't give up. Network, network. That's how I've gotten all of my opportunities, is networking. So, yeah, don't give up. Start now and start networking. 

Mach Coatings: How did your first solo go? 

Cambrie: It was so cool. I think that the day I soloed was probably more exciting than the day I got my license.

It was scary at first. I was like, I'm flying a plane by myself. What am I doing? And then I got on the Runway, and I was like, hey, game time. And I just entered this headspace, and I flew the plane. It was awesome. I loved it.

Mach Coatings: How do you balance school and your love for aviation? 

Cambrie: Calendars. Calendars. I have a calendar, and I have my flying schedule. And then the space in between, I have my school schedule. Doing online school is awesome because it's really easy to balance everything because it's on my time. So calendars organization is huge. And, of course, I recommend doing online school because then I have time to fly whenever I'd like. 

Mach Coatings: Is there a specific type of aircraft that one day you're like, I got to fly that one. 

Cambrie: I want to fly the A220 so bad. It's so pretty. I want to fly the A220 for Breeze Airlines, little airlines started by David Nielaman, who started Jetblue, Azul and Westjet. And everything he makes is so amazing. He started breeze during COVID and they survived. So it's like, I think they have potential and they have a ton of a A220s. They only fly the A220, so, yeah, A220 for breeze. 

Mach Coatings: Have you tried any of our products yet? 

Cambrie: Oh, you best believe as soon as we get a warm day here in Utah, I'm going out and I'm using Mach Coatings on my plane. Its been too cold! 

Mach Coatings: We are so glad to hear that. Cant wait for you to try it! 

Also, Wanted to let you know you are going to get a care package here soon with a Plaque thats a Pilot of the Month Award for January and also a T-Shirt. Stickers, etc. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and helping others reach their goal of becoming a pilor. Any Final thoughts? 

Cambrie: Don't let people say that you can't, because you can if you want to. Don't let anyone say you can't. Start doing it. And don't take aviation for granted. Don't get lost in the race to the airlines and appreciate every moment you have to fly airplanes. Don't let it become a chore. Keep it a passion. 

Couldnt have said it better ourselves Cambrie! Thank you so much for being Pilot of the Month! We appreciate your passion for the field of Aviation and cannot wait to see you continue in your career! 

Want to be our next pilot of the month? Or Want to nominate someone as pilot of the month? Send us a message or form submission and look for Mach Coatings online and near the best pilots in the world! 

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